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Located in Merion Village on Columbus’ South High Street, Explorers Club is THE place for delicious flavors and unique ingredients in a relaxed and super-friendly atmosphere. Tracy and Orlando invite you on a culinary adventure of amazing dishes that are delicious to eat and sure to please!

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Best Of The Menu Interviews Tracy Studer


Q | What are the most popular items on your menu? Why?
A | The plantains are very popular (they’re hard to find around here!) – they’re sweet and served with the delicious YoYo sauce. The Mofongo sandwich is also a top-selling dish. The smoked pork is topped with slaw and it comes with a side of fries. (But plantains also go well together with this sandwich!)


Artist Spotlight – Paul Volker


Paul Volker’s paintings at first appear humorous, then quiet and dark. In Columbus Paul Volker is well known for his cartoon animal paintings including his “10 PIECE CHICKEN SPECIAL”, which consists of 10 paintings of an anthropomorphized chickens in a variety of human conditions and activities. For Paul’s show at the Explorers Club we have chosen to show a side of Paul’s work that most people in Columbus have not seen, his quiet land and cityscapes. These works (as all of Volker’s paintings) are created entirely on plywood with recycled house paint and depict empty spaces: empty rooms, empty windows and empty streets.

A Columbus Explorer: An interview with Tracy Studer


Greece, Italy, and Cuba are all countries with distinctive cuisines; Merion Village is the place to explore them, and so many others, as far as Columbus is concerned. The Explorer’s Club is a local hotspot with an ever changing menu that brings the exotic right here to the city, and gives back to the community to boot. I, myself, explored the fascinating art from around the world hanging from the ceiling to the walls in the forms of paintings, tribal masks, and more while waiting to interview owner Tracy Studer. The restaurant was closed at the time, which is probably the only time it is empty; usually you need a reservation to get a table to sit and enjoy their menu which features fares from all over the globe.