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Restaurant review | Chef finds a home inside Explorer’s Club Kitchen at Zauber
By Jill Moorhead COLUMBUS CRAVE • Thursday November 5, 2015

Tracy Studer went from making huevos rancheros in his full-service, Latin-inspired Merion Village restaurant to serving up zucchini- and carrot-laden latkes and house-made hummus from a 120-square-foot kitchen.

And he’s really happy about it.

When Explorer’s Club closed in Merion Village (in part because of staffing issues), Studer saw an opportunity at Zauber Brewing Company near Grandview Heights.

From ColumbusAlive.com:

Join the Club: Explorers Club and Zauber make a great couple
By G.A. Benton
From the August 13, 2015 edition
No point burying the “lede”: Explorers Club will be opening up another brick-and-mortar operation soon (and yes, “lead” is regrettably spelled that way in journalistic circles). Okay, now a little backstory and review.

After about four years and “much deep thought, exhaustion and the recognition of fiscal realities,” Explorers Club — a scratch-cooking, Latin-leaning comfort food specialist — exited its hip Merion Village digs earlier this summer. While that’s been a bummer for Explorers’ many fans, the restaurant’s bold flavors have remained available via its food truck.

Lately, the portable Explorers has been spending a lotta time at Zauber Brewing Company in Grandview. As a recent visit proved, they make a terrific fit. In fact, their hookup has gone so sweetly that the two are planning to tie the knot during the first week of September — when Explorers intends on taking up permanent residence in Zauber’s kitchen. If you connect with the happy couple in the meanwhile, here’s a taste of what to expect.

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