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Join the Club: Explorers Club and Zauber make a great couple
By G.A. Benton
From the August 13, 2015 edition
No point burying the “lede”: Explorers Club will be opening up another brick-and-mortar operation soon (and yes, “lead” is regrettably spelled that way in journalistic circles). Okay, now a little backstory and review.

After about four years and “much deep thought, exhaustion and the recognition of fiscal realities,” Explorers Club — a scratch-cooking, Latin-leaning comfort food specialist — exited its hip Merion Village digs earlier this summer. While that’s been a bummer for Explorers’ many fans, the restaurant’s bold flavors have remained available via its food truck.

Lately, the portable Explorers has been spending a lotta time at Zauber Brewing Company in Grandview. As a recent visit proved, they make a terrific fit. In fact, their hookup has gone so sweetly that the two are planning to tie the knot during the first week of September — when Explorers intends on taking up permanent residence in Zauber’s kitchen. If you connect with the happy couple in the meanwhile, here’s a taste of what to expect.

Truck Schedule (+ Kitchen)